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With so many self-proclaimed "experts" on the internet, it is hard to tell what information about pond building, pond maintenance, plants, koi, etc., is accurate. Below, you'll find some of the most common questions our Certified Aquascape Contractor friends hear on a daily basis across the globe. While some may disagree with our pond filtration and natural ecosystem approach to building ponds, we have thousands of "proof of concept" examples across the country where our customers enjoy a low maintenance water garden lifestyle the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

  • What is an ecosystem pond and how does it work?

Ponds are ecosystems in that they serve as a biological community of interacting organisms. Your pond becomes a natural ecosystem that works with its surroundings to sustain life, all while providing you with a low maintenance paradise.

  • What holds the water?

A Liner. All of our water features are self-contained and filtered. A rubber liner holds the water underneath the stone. We use 45Mil EPDM rubber.

  • What type of filter do you use?

We like to work with Ecosystem Filtration. This system uses a Skimmer and a Biofalls that work with the natural cycle of nutrients in the water. If built correctly, they are low maintenance and require very little chemical treatment.

  • Does the filter need to run 24/7?

Yes. When you’re working with an Ecosystem, you need keep the water moving through the filter and keep the oxygen cycle going to keep the fish healthy and the algae level down.

  • What happens over the winter?

During the fall, we tent our ponds to prevent leaves and debris from building up. During the winter, we remove this netting so it doesn’t collapse, and then remove all pumps and plumbing. We do this to prevent any harm to the fish from super-cooling water and prevent any damage to pipes, plumbing or pumps from freezing. (See What happens to the fish over the winter?)

  • How much does pond repair cost?

Pond repairs vary in price and can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The cost depends on the nature, size, and complexity of your problem and the repair. Garden State Koi is committed to providing the best service, and we will present you with all possible options to repair your pond, along with cost estimates, after assessing the damage.

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