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Lifestyle Pond ("She Shed" Pond)

CATEGORY: Recreational Koi Pond | SIZE: 21' x 38' | INSTALLED ESTIMATE: Starting at $80K

LINER SIZE: 20' x 25' Pond, 20' x 20' WL, 15' x 10' Waterfall, 20' x 15' Intake seamed to pond liner

PUMP: 9 PL, SPL AS2000 Jets


SKIMMER: Intake, 18 small AquaBlox

VAULT: 2 w/ Ext.

OTHER FILTERS: Wetland, Skim Cove

PLUMBING: 2" & 3"

LIGHTING: 15-18 (4.5 color-changing)

OTHER NOTES: Swimmable with 3 forms of filtration and color-changing lights

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