Water Feature Cleaning

Your Water Feature Cleaning Experts

To help maintain your water feature’s low maintenance and beautiful appearance, we recommend that it receive a full professional cleaning at least once, on occasion twice, per year.

Failure to perform an annual cleanout could result in increased maintenance and/or fish health issues.

All customers receive a custom price quote for their cleanout. If we have serviced your pond in the past or if we installed your pond, we can give you a cost for your cleaning once you have contacted us. If you are a new customer, we will require a consultation to familiarize ourselves with your pond and to give you an accurate price.

Our spring cleaning calendar fills up fast, so don't wait to reserve your spot!

Each water feature cleaning includes:

Drain, clean, rinse, and start the refill of the pond.

Remove pond sludge, excess debris, and leaves.

Remove fish from the pond and store in holding tanks.

Clean and power wash the entire water feature.

Clean up or cut back plants in pond and stream for healthy growth.

Observe fish health.

Inspect the lighting systems.

Clean and vacuum skimmer and BioFalls filters.

Inspect and clean filtration system and pumps.

Reconnect pumps after inspecting.

Make any recommendations for improvements or repairs.

Educate on cleaning and year-round pond care.

Provide quote for extended maintenance.


Ask about our Maintenance Membership Packages

Garden State Koi services hundreds of ponds & waterfalls every season and our schedule fills up quickly! Learn more about our Maintenance Membership Packages today!


Spring Clean-Outs: The Process

This process varies based on if you are a returning customer or an existing customer! If you are new to us or new to the pond world, the best way to start is to fill out a service form!

  • 1.

    If you are a returning customer, you will want to contact us or submit your paperwork and deposit early. We service hundreds of water gardens beginning when the ice thaws, so waiting is NOT your best option!

  • 2.

    On your water feature clean-out day, be sure to have your garden hose outside, waterfall pump(s) and other components readily available, and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.

  • 3.

    Garden State Koi's technicians now get down and dirty with your water feature!

Complete drain of feature.

Store clean water for rinse and refill.

Remove fish from the pond and store in sanitized holding tanks.

Clean and power wash the entire feature.

We do leave some biofilm to keep your ecosystem healthy!

Rinse and scoop to remove all debris.

Clean up or cut back plants for healthy growth.

Fertilize aquatic plants.

Check lighting systems.

Clean and vacuum Skimmer and Biofalls.

Service & clean filtration system.

Service & clean pumps.

Reconnect pumps after servicing.

Add water treatments upon request.

  • 4.

    Upon finishing your clean-out, GSK will refill the pond with enough water to reintroduce your fish (if you have them). For larger ponds, homeowners will be responsible for finishing the filling process and plugging in the waterfall pump.

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