Maintenance Membership Packages

Maintenance Membership Packages to Fit Every Need

(Available for Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls & Fountainscapes)

To our current customers: WE will contact YOU directly (via email, phone call, and mail) about our new maintenance membership information. 

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Water Feature Upgrades 15% OFF
Products & Plants (in field) 20% OFF 10% OFF 10% OFF 10% OFF
Products, Fish & Plants (in store) 20% OFF 20% OFF 20% OFF 20% OFF
Spring Deluxe Drain & Clean
In-Season Maintenance/Service Visits (May - Oct.) Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly
Late-Spring/Early-Summer Planting Package Available as add-on during Mid-Summer Service Available as add-on + $199 call charge
Mid-Summer Service Visit
Deluxe Fall Shutdown (2 visits: tent & close)
Standard Fall Shutdown (close only)
Winter Peace of Mind Maintenance/Service Visits (Dec. - Mar.) Monthly Monthly Monthly
Dosing System
Water Treatments
Fish Health/Water Check
Plant Care
FREE Fish Food
Priority Scheduling (for opening & closing dates)
Clear-Water Guarantee
FREE Service Calls
FREE Labor for Pump Replacements


Sign up for auto-renewal by Feb. 12, 2024 & save up to 10%! 


(Valid credit card must be on file no later than Mar. 15, 2024)

Maintenance Package Pricing

Package Notes:

Prices listed are the starting rates for current customers, excluding any applicable taxes. Additional costs may apply for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • A 2+ year lapse from the last time GSK cleaned your water feature
  • The depth of your water feature exceeds 2.5 feet

Please call or email us to confirm exact pricing.

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Ready to find out more?

Garden State Koi services hundreds of ponds & waterfalls every season and our schedule fills up quickly! Sign up for a Maintenance Membership to reserve your VIP spot today!


To our current customers: WE will contact YOU directly (via email, phone call, and mail) about our new maintenance membership information. 

General Service Visits

  • Clean and maintain filtration systems.
  • Rinse filter mats.
  • Remove debris from the pond and filter.
  • Fertilize potted marginals and/or lilies.
  • Perform water treatments.
  • Observe fish health.
  • Test water quality.
  • Remove or treat for string algae.
  • Maintain pump functionality.
  • Maintain proper water levels.
  • Trim plants for healthy growth.
  • Add beneficial bacteria.
  • Resupply treatments in the dosing system.
  • Maintain the IonGen System (if applicable).
  • Maintain any additional UV or canister filters.
  • Re-foam waterfall rocks as needed.

Deluxe Drain & Clean Services

  • Drain, clean, rinse, and start the refill of the pond.
  • Remove pond sludge, excess debris, and leaves.
  • Remove fish from the pond and store in holding tanks.
  • Clean and power wash the entire water feature.
  • Clean up or cut back plants for healthy growth.
  • Observe fish health.
  • Inspect the lighting systems.
  • Clean and vacuum skimmer and BioFalls filters.
  • Inspect and clean filtration system and pumps.
  • Reconnect pumps after servicing.
  • Inspect water quality, pump, and filters.
  • Make any recommendations for improvements or repairs.
  • Educate on cleaning and year-round pond care.
  • Provide quote for extended maintenance.
  • Provide findings report.

Membership FAQs

If a Maintenance Membership is not right for you, CLICK HERE to learn more about our other maintenance services!

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