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Mid-Summer Service

Each season brings different challenges for pond maintenance. Warmer temperatures and increased sunlight in the summertime can lead to algae blooms while evaporation can result in lower water levels. Since summer is when your pond will be at its most active, it’s essential to carry out regular maintenance to ensure it’s functioning and looking its best, and our Mid-Summer Service Visit is the perfect way to do so!

Our Mid-Summer Service Visit includes:

Clean and maintain filtration systems including the IonGen System, UV, or canister filter.

Rinse and wash filter mats.

Remove debris from the pond and filter.

Fertilize potted marginals or lilies.

Clean up or cut back plants for healthy growth.

Observe fish health.

Inspect water quality and perform treatments.

Remove or treat for string algae.

Add beneficial bacteria

Reconnect pumps after servicing.

Inspect water quality, pump, and filters.

Refill the pond.

Make any recommendations for improvements or repairs.

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