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Pond Maintenance, Cleaning, Repair & Seasonal Services

As with all other home systems, outdoor pond and water features require regular maintenance for ongoing performance, functionality, and enjoyment. Your maintenance needs may vary based on a number of factors, and we can help with anything you need!

The size of your pond, its location, and its individual features all play a part in the upkeep your water feature will require. As the slightest change to a small aquatic ecosystem can produce a major impact, we pride ourselves on working closely with all of our customers to develop a customized maintenance plan to meet the specific needs of your water feature and your budget.

Let's talk about how we can help you maintain and take care of your water feature. Click the button below to book a free 15-minute phone consultation and Tom Sandstrom, our maintenance manager, will give you a call.

In addition to consultations and single-visit maintenance calls, we offer convenient, affordable, and comprehensive tiered Maintenance Membership Packages.

What should I do if my new home comes with a pond?

If your new home comes with a pond, it's important to address any potential issues that may arise. Whether you're dealing with algae problems, waterfall malfunctions, or simply have questions about how to properly maintain and repair your pond, we are here to provide the guidance and assistance you need. Our expertise in pond care and maintenance enables us to offer practical solutions and advice to ensure that your pond remains in optimal condition.

Garden State Koi offers a variety of maintenance programs and services to help ensure the longevity and liveliness of your water feature.


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