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feeding koi

How To Create A Beautiful Koi Pond Design In Your Backyard?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to transform your backyard into a stunning oasis with a koi pond design. Start by choosing Garden State Koi for expert […]


What Are The Benefits Of Waterfall Installation In Your Pond?

Ecosystems thrive with the addition of a well-designed waterfall in your pond. Garden State Koi, a leader in pond and waterfall design, expertly explains the advantages of incorporating this feature. […]

copy of plants 09

What Unique Pond Planting Guide Will Transform Your Tuxedo Park Outdoor Space?

Transforming your Tuxedo Park outdoor space into a serene oasis requires careful consideration of unique pond planting ideas. Incorporating distinctive aquatic plants can not only enhance the beauty of your […]

20160908 164147

Why Should Spring Valley Residents Follow These Successful Pond Building Tips?

You want to create a beautiful pond in your Spring Valley residence, but the process can be daunting without the right guidance. By following these successful pond building tips, you […]


Are You Ready To Revitalize Your Pine Island Outdoor Space With A New Pond Design?

Just imagine turning your Pine Island outdoor space into a serene oasis with a stunning pond design from Garden State Koi. With over 25 years of experience in water features, […]

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How Can Airmont Residents Prepare Their Spring Pond For Awakening?

Awakening your spring pond in Airmont is crucial to ensure it thrives throughout the season. At Garden State Koi, we believe in providing top-quality advice for pond maintenance. As the […]

skim cove

Garden State Koi – Orange County’s Choice for Koi Pond Building

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Orange County, Garden State Koi has carved a niche for itself as the premier architect of koi pond elegance and serenity. With an unyielding […]

20170722 150911

How Can Monticello Residents Find Inspiration For Their Spring Pond Project?

There’s no denying the beauty and tranquility that a well-designed pond can bring to your outdoor space in Monticello. As a reputable water feature, pond, and maintenance contractor with over […]


Is Your Pond In New Paltz Eco-Friendly And Sustainable For Spring?

With spring approaching, it’s necessary to ensure that your pond in New Paltz is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly and sustainable. At Garden State Koi, we believe in “Ponds […]

natural pond with epdm liner3

What Innovative Construction Ideas Can Transform Your Warwick Pond This Spring?

Innovative construction ideas can revolutionize the look and functionality of your Warwick pond this spring. At Garden State Koi, we are not just your average landscape company – we are […]

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