Water Feature Restoration/Renovation

Is your pond or water feature in need of rehab, replacement, or improvement?

When you upgrade or renovate your pond, you can get as creative as you want and design the pond of your dreams. In fact, a carefully executed pond renovation can make your water feature look brand new.


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Maybe you had a bad experience with your original pond installation, maybe because of poor design, bad water quality, poor workmanship, maintenance issues, an inexperienced contractor, or all the above.

If you do not like something about your pre-existing pond, a pond renovation allows you to address that issue. You can also get creative with your pond design, such as installing more lights, adding tunnels for your fish, or even introducing more plants for a healthy ecosystem within your pond. If you want to change the size of your pond, you could even renovate it to become larger or smaller than the existing pond. It is also possible to add other features, such as an additional waterfall to your pond.

The idea of a complete overhaul may sound scary and intimidating, but it takes you a step closer to achieving the pond that you have always envisioned. In the long term, you may even save more money, time, and effort as you can spend less time worrying, and avoid even more unnecessary temporary repairs on a pond design you find to be flawed and dissatisfying.

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