Disappearing Waterfalls

What is a Disappearing or Pondless Waterfall?

A disappearing or pondless waterfall is a running and recirculating stream of water that is usually constructed in and around a grouping of rock features.

Pondless waterfalls are a wonderful way to get into water gardening, without all the work normally associated with a pond. You get all the sounds of the water, and you invite nature to your backyard as well. Squirrels and birds will drink from your pondless waterfall; frogs will arrive and find homes in nooks and crannies; dragonflies will be buzzing about.

Meanwhile, there’s virtually no maintenance for you! No pond and no fish means no worries. Just turn your waterfall on and off at your own will. You can even add a party pump or an adjustable pump so you can control the flow!
Pondless Waterfall - How it Works

Small space? No problem!

Pondless waterfalls are also the ideal solution for people with smaller properties looking to upgrade their outdoor area, since they require only a small amount of usable space.

If the outdoor space you have available isn’t quite large enough to accommodate the full pond experience, you can still enjoy the soothing and aesthetic benefits of a backyard waterfall with our pondless waterfall installation at your home or office. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their pondless waterfalls are a natural enhancement to their property and don’t look out of place.

Benefits of a Disappearing Waterfall


The small size of a pondless waterfall means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall virtually anywhere in your yard.


Taking care of your pondless waterfall is easy. Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation!


Perhaps the best part of a pondless waterfall is the possibility for the future! As long as you have the necessary space, our technicians can install your pondless waterfall in such a way that a future pond addition can easily be a possibility.


Because there is no pool of water, a pondless waterfall is a great option if you are concerned about safety issues associated with a traditional pond.


Cost can be an important factor when considering the type of water garden you want to build. In most cases, the price of a pondless waterfall will be less than a pond, because there is less labor involved, as well as less rock and materials. Since you are not dealing with an established ecosystem, it is not necessary to run the pump 24/7, resulting in a decreased operating cost.

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