Winter Services

Service For All Seasons


Available to new & existing customers with ponds

Monthly home visits by GSK pond experts help ensure that your pond and fish are safe and sound all winter long!

During each monthly pond inspection, GSK experts will:

Test your pH level and, if needed, make adjustments to bring it to normal levels.

Make sure your aeration and de-icers are working properly, and that everything is safe under the water.*

Perform a water change, if necessary (water must be available and accessible).

*If your pond isn’t already aerated, buy an appropriate kit from Garden State Koi and we’ll install it for FREE as part of your Winter Peace of Mind service!

Your fish need the following to survive the winter:

  • A neutral pH
  • Plenty of oxygen
  • The healthy exchange of gasses in and out of the water
  • The right support systems to make the above possible, including aeration, de-icers, and regular check-ins by Garden State Koi’s expert maintenance team!

pH is the measure of alkalinity or acidity. Different types of fish tolerate different pH levels but, in general, most fish will do better in ponds with a pH near 7.0. When the pH of the water is balanced, aquatic life and plants thrive. When your pond’s water is too acidic, your fish could be in trouble.

Circumstances that can affect your pond’s pH include the following:

  • Air pollution, rain, and snow, all of which contain sulfuric and nitric acids, can bring your pond’s pH level to below a neutral 7.0 (making it more acidic).
  • Despite the lower water temperatures, bacteria are still decomposing and breaking down debris in the pond. Decomposition of bacteria can lower your pond’s oxygen levels, which in turn can lower your pond’s pH.
  • The darkness brought on by heavy snow cover can prompt oxygen-creating algae to die and add other decomposing materials to the pond. Again, this decomposition contributes to lowering your pond’s pH.
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4 visits
(Dec., Jan., Feb. & March)
$599 2nd week of Dec.
3 visits
(Jan., Feb. & March)
$449 2nd week of Jan.
2 visits
(Feb. & March)
$299 2nd week of Feb.

*Exact dates vary from year to year. Call 845-651-4100 or email for more specific dates.

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