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Spring Drain & Clean Service

Spring is here, and it's time to get your pond in tip-top shape! It is essential to maintain your water feature for the health of your fish, plants, and overall enjoyment. To help you prepare for the season, our team at Garden State Koi is excited to offer our Drain & Clean. This comprehensive service ensures that your pond is looking its best and functioning optimally all season long. Don't miss the opportunity to sign up for our maintenance services and enjoy a stunning, healthy water feature this year!

Deluxe Drain & Clean

Applicable to current customers with an existing pond

Exploratory Drain & Clean

Applicable to customers who:

  • Have not had their pond cleaned by GSK in 2+ years
  • Have never worked with GSK before but know the water feature & its history

Services include:

Drain, clean, rinse, and start the refill of the pond.

Remove pond sludge, excess debris, and leaves.

Remove fish from the pond and store in holding tanks.

Clean and power wash the entire water feature.

Clean up or cut back plants in pond and stream for healthy growth.

Observe fish health.

Inspect the lighting systems.

Clean and vacuum skimmer and BioFalls filters.

Inspect and clean filtration system and pumps.

Reconnect pumps after inspecting.

Make any recommendations for improvements or repairs.

Educate on cleaning and year-round pond care.

Provide quote for extended maintenance.

april pond cleaning
Deluxe Drain & Clean Exploratory Drain & Clean
≤ 90 sf pond $830 $1,245
≤ 180 sf pond $1,035 $1,660
≤ 330 sf pond $1,650 $2,495
≥ 330 sf pond Starting at $2,075 Starting at $2,495
Pondless-Small $415 $620
Pondless-Medium $620 $830
Pondless-Large $935 $1,140

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