Plant Your Pond to Perfection

How many pond plants do you need?

Pond plants are a great  long-term solution to combat nuisance algae and provide a healthy habitat that your fish will love! Plus, pond plants will decrease the amount of maintenance needed to keep your pond water clean.

However, at most, you should have no more than 50% of the surface area of your pond covered by plants, especially if you have fish over 12″ long. Too many plants can cause oxygen deficiencies at night. 

Know your plant size.

One of the biggest mistakes novice water gardeners make is failing to realize how big their pond plants might grow. Be sure to take both the height and width of the mature plant into consideration and allow enough space for future growth.

Remember, Short in Front, Tall in Back. This might seem like a no-brainer, but always put shorter plants in front of taller ones. 

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Display with style.

The Aquascape Floating Plant Island is ideal for displaying aquatic plants in deeper areas of ponds where no plant shelves are available.

Designed to stay afloat at the surface of the pond, the island provides stunning options for creating beautiful plant islands containing aquatic plants.

Made from fine, porous material, the planters allow water in while preventing soil from entering the pond. This helps to keep your pond clean and clear and protects the plants from fish.

The black color of the island allows it to easily blend in with its surroundings. Island measures 15 inches long by 11 inches wide.

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