Summer Pond Essentials

We know all pond enthusiasts love summertime as it is the perfect time to enjoy water features! As the weather starts to get warmer, be sure to keep these tips in mind so you can keep your pond running properly all summer long!

Be sure to keep your pond “topped off” during the summer!

Heat can be rough on oxygen levels in your pond.  As it gets warmer, make sure your pond’s water level stays where it should. 

This will ensure that the pump and/or skimmer are able to operate properly and will help keep your pond free of debris, while providing plenty of oxygenated water for your fish.

Don’t want to worry about filling your pond? Consider an autofill valve. Contact us today for details!

Measure water levels properly.

Low water lines on rocks is NOT an indication of water loss. Water wicks on rocks, making it ebb and flow, and therefore, is not an effective way to see if you are losing water.

Monitor water levels with something plastic, like your skimmer box. Plastic does not hold water, making this the preferred way to assess any water loss.

Air pumps are important… During ALL seasons!

Many pond owners use an air pump in the winter to keep a hole in the ice, but then store their air pump away in the summer months. However, it’s essential to use an air pump year-round! Here’s why:

As water warms, it holds less oxygen. If air temperatures are well into the 80’s and your water pump stops working, oxygen levels in your pond will immediately begin dropping due to the oxygen demand of your fish. In just 10-12 hours, larger fish will begin dying.

We recommend running your air pump in the summer to provide a “redundant life support system.” In the event that your water pump stops working, the air pump will provide the oxygen required to keep your fish alive.

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