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Are You Ready to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition?

Certified Aquascape Contractors (CACs) are the most qualified and informed water feature installers in the industry. Since the program’s introduction in 2001, CACs are trained and educated by Aquascape experts to not only install beautiful low-maintenance water features, but also to provide quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and knowledgeable assistance to their customers and each other. Now working with Aquascape is even more rewarding. Aquascape's extensive offering of training, tools, and resources helps contractors like you strengthen your reputation and grow your business – making the CAC badge a must-have for a pro like you. 

High standards, actively demonstrated on a continual basis, provide a competitive advantage that differentiates a CAC’s business from their competition. The best part about the program is that it works with your strengths. No matter what business model you have, the Certified Aquascape Contractor program has a tier that works for you and helps move your business forward on the path to success with Aquascape water features.

GROW your business with

Aquascape University offers all the help you need to successfully launch your own water feature business, expand your existing business, and/or become a Certified Aquascape® Contractor.

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