Fish Stocking & Spawning

Do you want to add more fish to your pond? Stock your pond gradually! 

A garden pond is a living ecosystem where the waste excreted by fish must be broken down by beneficial bacteria.

It takes time for the bacteria population to react to an increase in waste. If too many fish are added too quickly, the waste builds up quicker than it can be broken down, making the pond toxic. This stresses your new purchases, leading to potential disease or other problems.

Fish Spawn Season

When late-spring light levels increase and the pond temperature approaches a consistent 70 degrees, the fish will be looking to lay eggs. Koi lay thousands and thousands of eggs, all in hopes of just a few surviving.

With so many eggs hatching, these baby fish require a lot of food, and thus only a few typically survive in a hobby pond. You can breed koi, but it requires a special setup and preparation.

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