Variety is Key

Random placement of plants with varying textures and colors create more interest than using plants that have all the same growth habit or leaf shape.

Use a combination of waterlilies and marginal plants such as canna, arrowhead, aquatic forget-me-not, water iris, and more. The options are almost endless and you can recreate your water garden into something new every year simply by choosing different hardy plants. 

Tropical Water Lilies add personality

Tropical water lilies are recognizable by their big leaves with a serrated edge (similar to a steak knife).

These unique lilies are available in a variety of vibrant colors, such as pink, purple, and red, that aren’t found in hardy lilies. They are also available as night bloomers!

White in the Water Garden

Everyone loves the pop of a pink lotus or bright yellow waterlily, but have you ever considered adding whimsical white to your water garden? White is the magical reflection of all colors and all wavelengths.

If one of the colors is subtracted from white light, you see the complementary color. For example, if yellow is subtracted from white light, you see blue. Nature is amazing and white aquatic plants certainly prove that point!

Floating Aquatic Plants

Floating aquatic plants can be a very effective way of adding filtration and surface coverage to a water garden. Since these are free-floating plants (having no roots anchored in soil), they draw 100 percent of their nutrients directly from the water, feeding on nutrients that would otherwise feed algae.

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