Koi Treats & Food Storage Tips

Summer snacks for all

Although it’s not necessary, it can be fun to give your fish a summer snack from time to time (not more than once a week). Koi in particular will enjoy watermelon, grapefruit, orange slices, peas, and even Honey Nut Cheerios!

Be sure the fish are active before feeding and only toss in a VERY small amount of any snack (the amount the fish can eat right away) since old food is not good for your pond. In particular, peas will sink to the bottom of the pond.

How to store your fish food

Ideally, you should only keep fish food for one season and dispose of any uneaten food. Always start a new pond season with fresh fish food. If you buy large quantities of fish food, refrigerate it – don’t freeze it. Freezing damages the fats in the food and the fat-soluble vitamins become compromised.

If food begins to smell funny, develops a fuzz on it, changes color, sticks together, or crumbles down, it’s “bad” and should be discarded. Feeding bad food to your fish can cause unnecessary problems. Bad food often contains aflatoxins, which can cause injury, deficiency, and broken backs in fish that eat it. It’s better for your fish to go hungry while waiting for fresh food, than it is for them to be fed spoiled food.

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