Who’s Coming to Visit?

A balanced ecosystem and a good variety of plants and aquatic organisms will attract plenty of other wildlife. Dragonflies and damselflies will flit about your marginal plants while flowering perennials will help to invite butterflies and bees. Plenty of insects will attract hungry frogs, who might be seen relaxing on water lily leaves, plus frogs can do princely things for your pond! Frogs gobble insects to keep the population in check and serenade you with their songs. Frogs also add diversity to the species supported by ponds by coexisting productively with  fish, plants, insects, and other wildlife. They play a key role in your pond’s ecosystem—in fact, the number of amphibians in your pond can be a good indicator of your pond’s overall health!

If you’re interested in drawing them to your backyard, you shouldn’t have to try very hard. It’s not unusual for frogs to show up in your ponds  because ponds provide two things that frogs crave: food and water!

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