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The Importance of Winter Pond Care

Winter is a time of stillness and quiet, but that doesn’t mean your pond should be neglected. Proper winter pond care is crucial for the well-being of your aquatic ecosystem […]


Mastering Koi Pond Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Common Problems and Solutions

The Beauty and Challenges of Owning a Koi Pond Owning a Koi pond not only enhances the aesthetic value of your property but also offers a fulfilling hobby that connects […]

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Getting started with pond building – Tips from Garden State Koi

Pond building is both an art and a science. Whether you’re dreaming of a serene backyard oasis or a lively koi pond, the process requires careful planning and expertise. At […]

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Winter Pond Maintenance: Things You Can Do

Believe it or no, it’s almost time to give your pond the attention it needs to thrive through the cold months ahead. Proper winter maintenance not only ensures the health […]


Winter Fish Care

Fish are often the main reason that people choose to have a pond installed in their yard. People aren’t likely to sit and watch their tulips blow in the breeze […]

Winter Pump Prep

Winter Pump Care

If you shut your pond down during the winter season, we recommend removing the pump from the filter and storing it in a bucket of water in a frost-free location. […]

Fall Plant Prep

Fall Plant Prep

Depending on where you live, the seasonal change from summer to fall is apparent by the beautiful, multi-colored leaves and the dip toward cooler temperatures. How will that chill you […]

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Mastering the Art of Pond Building: A Comprehensive Guide with Garden State Koi

The transformative power of a well-crafted pond is undeniable. From a simple water feature to a sprawling aquatic ecosystem, ponds can elevate any outdoor space. But how does one go […]

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From Dream to Reality: Crafting Your Ideal Backyard Pond with Garden State Koi

The allure of a backyard pond is undeniable. The gentle murmur of water, the shimmering dance of fish, and the serene reflection of the sky above – it’s a dream […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your First Pond: A Step-by-Step Journey with Garden State Koi

Whether you’re dreaming of a peaceful oasis to sip your morning coffee by or a vibrant ecosystem teeming with fish and plants, building a pond can be one of the […]

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