Winter Pump Care

Winter Pump Prep

If you shut your pond down during the winter season, we recommend removing the pump from the filter and storing it in a bucket of water in a frost-free location. Pumps can be safely left in a deep pump vault or large skimmer in most cases over winter, as long as the check valve has been disconnected. The water will help maintain the life of the seals on the pump while in storage. Please note that the pump, depending on how long it has been out of operation over the winter, may need to be “kick-started” in the spring.

In the spring, test your pump by plugging it into the electrical outlet prior to installing the pump back in the skimmer and visually inspect if the pump’s impeller is spinning. Once the impeller begins spinning, the lubrication will be reintroduced between the seals and the pump should start on its own. You can now install the pump back into your water feature!

If the pump’s impeller does not start spinning on its own, you can always bring it to Garden State Koi and let our team of experts inspect it for damage and get it running for you – without risking injury to yourself from the impeller!

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