Feeding Your Fish in Spring


If you’re like most pond owners, you can’t wait to greet your fish from their winter’s slumber. We know you’re anxious to feed them, but be careful not to feed them too soon or too much.

The first food in the springtime should be easily digestible. Wheat germ foods, such as any of our spring or fall season foods, are a necessity. Fish tend to like them and they are good foods to start spring feeding with.

Medicated food is another option to start feeding your fish again. It gives your fish a boost and you’ll see them “come back to life” and be their regular selves in no time! Medicated foods also help their digestive systems begin to function at their best.

When determining the proper time to feed your fish in the spring, make sure to monitor the water temperatures for a few days, not just once! Wait to feed them until the water temperature is consistently between 53 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also note that feeding should be sparing! If you load up the fish, they will load up the pond with fish waste and the beneficial bacteria responsible for reducing the waste will not be functioning optimally in cooler water.

You can start feeding your finned friends with cool weather food until the water is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you’ll want to switch to any combination of two good quality foods. For instance, Garden State Koi brand staple food and color enhancing pellets are both great choices. For smaller fish, you may want to opt for our micro pellets.

Here are some takeaways to keep in mind as the weather gets warmer and your fish start to rouse:

  • Enjoy your fish as they “come back to life” this spring
  • Take care to feed them sparingly at the start
  • Once the water warms up and their energy levels are back to normal, your fish will soon be welcoming you each time you visit your pond
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