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How Many Fish Can I Have?

The number of fish in your pond greatly affects pond health. Too many fish leads to decreased oxygen levels and the extra fish waste can result in ammonia and nitrite […]

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Who’s Coming to Visit?

A balanced ecosystem and a good variety of plants and aquatic organisms will attract plenty of other wildlife. Dragonflies and damselflies will flit about your marginal plants while flowering perennials […]

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Koi Treats & Food Storage Tips

Summer snacks for all Although it’s not necessary, it can be fun to give your fish a summer snack from time to time (not more than once a week). Koi […]

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Summer Fun for Young Ones

Check out these ideas for fun outdoor activities and share your love for ponds with your little ones! Have a treasure hunt. Make a short list of things for your […]

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Summer Water Loss… Is it a Leak or just Evaporation?

Many pond owners do not realize how much water can evaporate from a pond during the dog days of summer. As the temperature rises, water loss is completely normal! It’s […]

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Summer Pond Essentials

We know all pond enthusiasts love summertime as it is the perfect time to enjoy water features! As the weather starts to get warmer, be sure to keep these tips […]

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Great Ways to Eat Your Water Plants

The beautiful plants in your water garden may be more than just another pretty face. Many of these plants we consider strictly decorative have been grown and gathered for centuries […]

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Variety is Key

Random placement of plants with varying textures and colors create more interest than using plants that have all the same growth habit or leaf shape. Use a combination of waterlilies […]

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Fish Stocking & Spawning

Do you want to add more fish to your pond? Stock your pond gradually!  A garden pond is a living ecosystem where the waste excreted by fish must be broken […]

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